Friday, November 9, 2012


Which story do you belong in? Take this quiz to find out!

Q.1 What is your favorite thing to do to pass time?

a) hunt with bows and arrows

b) Be with friends

c) help others

d) dream about the future

e) read books


Q.2 What would be the worst way to die?

a) death by fire

b) death by serious injury

c) death by starvation

d) death by a plane crash

e) death by drowning


Q.3 What is your favorite time period?

a) The 1500's

b) 2000- our current time period

c) Medieval times

d) The 40's

e) Victorian time period


Q.4 What is your favorite type of story?

a) Mystery

b) Heart warming 

c) Adventure

d) Action

e) Historical fiction


Q.5 What is your favorite type of transportation?

a) Walking

b)  Car

c) horse

d) plane

e) boat


  If you answered mostly A's you belong in the story:

 If you answered mostly B's you belong in the story:

 If you answered mostly C's you belong in the story:

 If you answered mostly D's you belong in the story:

 If you answered mostly E's you belong in the story:

          Thank you for taking my quiz! to learn more about the story you belong in, click on the story tittle!


  1. I belong in the story ICEBURG! :):):)

  2. Dear Brittney,
    I belong half in Ancestors of the Forest
    and Half in MoonAcre remorse.
    Poem Girl

  3. lol I was so many, I don't even know what story I belong to.... :P
    P.S. Could I make you a header? I'd just do it for fun. :) If you'd like me to do it, talk to me on my designing page!! :)

    1. OK, I will Definitely have you do one! your headers are AWESOME!

    2. Thanks!! :) I got your on and then realized... that I'd been doing it off your button. (for some reason it got stuck in my mind :P) So is Britt's Short Stories OK, or do you want Brittney's Short Stories and More????

    3. Britt's short stories will be fine:) thank you so much for doing this for me:)

  4. I'm in MoonAcre Remorse!

    abrielle lindsay


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