Saturday, September 29, 2012

sky dreams

                 Sky dreams
As the sky turned black, we zoomed over the Atlantic Ocean, we were air-force pilots on our first mission. First let’s talk about me and how I got here. It started about a year ago right before my 19th birthday. By the way my name is Zack, I have always wanted to be in the Special Forces, well I got my wish when me and a couple buddies signed up- there was five of us. Me, Cody, Isaac, John, and Fred. As soon as Isaac signed up, they sent him straight to the Marines; he was the biggest of all of us, so naturally he would be the best for the job. They sent me and John to be mechanics in the air-force of course we were not frilled, but there was no way out of it we were the smallest and thinnest of the bunch. Fred and Cody became air force pilots. They got the better deal considering that’s what we all set out to do, we had been dreaming about becoming pilots sense we were young kids, but as they say if you dream hard enough it will always come true; which it did just not the way we expected.
One afternoon John and I were sitting in our bunk, when John decided to go out and walk a bit. We had a few hours of free time on this particular day, because all of the air-force pilots were out on a test run. The only ones on base were the mechanics. I laid back and was reading a book when all of a sudden, the door banged open! I jumped out of my bunk.
“Zack, hurry we need to get ready!” said John who was waving his hands up and down. He sounded frantic.
“Hold up!” I said, “What’s wrong?”
“They are spies, we got to stop them, we don’t have a lot of time!”
“Who are spies,” I yelled, “tell me what’s going on!”
John hurried to explain. I found out that while John was taking his walk, he heard three of our fellow mechanics talking about info they stole from the general’s office. John had then watched them take off in their planes! They were spies! They were probably planning to get away safely sense the air-force pilots were not around. But they were wrong, I was looking for some action, and now that I found it, I wasn’t going to let it get away! Me and John took off the runway, and zoomed after the enemy. We found them easily, but it wasn’t as easy to shoot them down! They were skilled flyers and were not going to go down easy!
“John, on your left!” I yelled.
One of the enemy planes gave a blow to John’s left wing, but John soon took him down.
“Zack,” called John, “I’ve been hit, and I’m tiring to keep control, but I don’t know how long I’m going to last!”
“Hold in there!” I yelled.
We got two of the enemy planes in minutes, but we were having trouble with the third, and John was having trouble with his plane. Things were not good.
The enemy plane went zooming for John; he was about to fire when…
BOOM! The enemy plane shred to pieces. The air-force pilots had returned just in time!
A few days later...
“I am glad to pronounce that Zack Watson and John Niles have promoted to air-force pilots in reward from their outstanding bravery!" Announced the air-force general from our base.
 John and I stood there in pure joy! We had finely reached our dreams! So I guess dreams do come true when we trust in God, and try hard! You know what they say- the sky’s the limit!

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