Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Joey Woodman- a scary story

Joey Woodman
Joey Woodman was a spy for the U.S.A
Government. In 1930 he was assigned on a special mission, he was to track down the infamous Marcus Jones, and who was an assassin trying to get secret info from the U.S.A’s Secret Vaults. One night on March 7, 1930, he tracked Marcus to a gas station in Locust grove, GA. But Marcus knew he was being followed and he had a smart plan. Joey went into the rest stop to call headquarters, he thought that Marcus had no suspicions but he fought wrong! While Joey was calling headquarters, Marcus snuck into Joey’s truck & spread gasoline all over the seats & dashboard. Then as Joey came out of the rest stop Marcus drove off , but Joey thought to himself” no problem, he does not know that I am fallowing him or that a fleet of troops are waiting for him!  Then as Joey struck a match for his pipe, and BOOM!!! His truck blew up, debris flying everywhere, Joey’s blood stained the gas pump, and there it still is there this day. It is said that every March 7, then the clock strikes midnight, you will see his ghost coming for revenge. He wears his ripped disguised wear, with blood stains on his skin, and he has a match in his right hand, ready to stick a ‘flame to Marcus Jones.

Note to Kids: do NOT play with matches!!!

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