Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In times of sorrow

                         IN TIME OF SORROW


“Samuel! Turn left, turn left!” cried Mrs. Madison.

Someone screamed.
 Samuel crashed and then he was sprawled on the ground next to his go-kart motionless.
 Mrs. Madison’s son Timmy was having his 10th birthday and he wanted to have it at adventure land go-karts. Mrs. Madison agreed and invited three of Timmy’s closest friends- Anna, Bret, and his closest friend Samuel. Mrs. Madison had been close friends with Samuel’s parents, Joy and Robert Jones for a long time. On the day of the party Samuel’s parents dropped him off at the party. Timmy and the kids ate pizza and then headed out to race on a track they had all to themselves.
Samuel was taking his last turn in the lab, they were having a race and he wanted to be in first place! As he was turning he looked behind him to see how close the other kids were gaining on him. His hand slipped from the wheel.
He heard someone scream.
 He felt a sharp pain go through his leg and then everything was black.
  The next thing he knew he was in a hospital bed, with tubes sticking out of him everywhere.
“Where’s my mom,” he wondered. “Why am I here?”
He didn’t remember a thing!
“He is awake!” one of the nurses called out.
“Where am I,” asked Samuel, “what happened?”
“Just stay still sweetie, I’m going to go get your parents, ok?” said the nurse.
Joy Jones got a call from Mrs. Madison, that her son had had an accident and that he was going to the emergency room. Mrs. Jones was frantic! She was driving on her way to the hospital way over the speed limit.
“Oh, Lord please makes him ok.” Mrs. Jones silently prayed.
She drove up to the hospital and ran inside.
“My little boy just came in en ambulance, his name is Samuel, and I do not know what room he is in.” Mrs. Jones said to the lady at the front desk.
“He just arrived; he is on floor 3 in urgent care, so you will probably not be able to see him quite yet. He is in room C92.”
“Thank you,” Mrs. Jones said quickly and she ran to the elevator. When she got up to the hall-way where his room was, the doctor came out.
“Please sir, let me in. I need to see my son!” said Mrs. Jones with agony in her voice.
“I am sorry, but we cannot let you see him yet, he is in bad condition and is asleep right now. Please go wait in the waiting room and I will be there shortly to tell you how he is.”
Mr. Jones arrived shortly after and they waited and prayed for 4 hours until the doctor finely came back.
“How is he?”
“He is still sleeping but he should be awake soon, I have something to tell you- your son has been through a traumatic accident and will probably not remember anything. I do not know how serious his memory will be until he wakes up. He may just not remember his accident, or he may not even be able to remember who you are.”
Mrs. Jones gasped. Mr. Jones broke out in a sob.
“That is not all,” said the doctor. “For the rest of his life, Samuel will have many problems with his legs!”
“Is he paralyzed?” asked Mr. Jones in a near whisper.
“No, he will be able to feel his legs, but they will give him a lot of pain. He will walk cricked sense his legs have been twisted out of place, and he will need crutches for the rest of his life. He will probably need to be in a wheel-chair for two months first.”
6 months later……
 Samuel was hoping down the road with his new best friend- Jasper. Samuel had gotten Jasper three months ago; he was a golden-retriever service dog. Jasper stayed with Samuel everywhere he went to help him if he fell, and to help him with whatever else Samuel needed. In the morning Jasper would bring Samuel’s crutches to his bed for he could get up! Samuel loved Jasper, and Jasper was a great friend to him. Ever sense his accident all the kids had acted different to Samuel. They stared at him in class and always acted shy and weird when they were around him. Samuel did not remember anything about his accident. He tried and tried but it did not matter, he still could not remember. His accident had also damaged part of his brain so that he could not remember things as much as other kids. It was so hard to remember math problems and other things, but thankfully with the help of his parents and God, he did fine in school. Mrs. Madison had felt responsible for Samuel’s accident and had been really depressed. She thought that the Jones blamed her and that she could never be good friends with them again. But the Jones did not blame her, and they were not angry about Samuel’s accident because they thanked God that it had not been worse. When Mrs. Madison found out that they were not angry, and that they were not bitter against her she trusted the Lord as her Savior! She had known about the Jones trust in God, but she did not know that their faith was so strong that they would still trust and thank God, In the hardest moments of life.

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