Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MoonAcre Remorse

The MoonAcre Remorse
Two Thousand years ago in the land of MoonAcre there lived a princess named LeeAnn. Her father owned a land of slaves, and LeeAnn wanted to free them. She knew the way her father treated them was wrong. She decided she would sneak up to the caves where the slaves were locked up,and free them.   She snuck up to the side of the cave with her friend Mellissa.  The plan was that Mellissa was to go to the mountains and distract the guards, while LeeAnn would open the iron gate and set the slaves free.
   While Mellissa made the distraction all the guards left, or so LeeAnn thought. While LeeAnn was opening the gate for the slaves, she heard a trumpet- a warning trumpet! She hurried up and opened the gate, and the slaves fled. Then LeeAnn tried to creep out, but she was too late! One of the guards grabbed her, and called for her father.
   Her father’s wrath poured out, and he told one of his men to take LeeAnn to the dungeon and not give her food nor water for four days! LeeAnn almost died on the third day, but her father changed his mind.
   He said, “I will not let you die so soon, for all my slaves have been lost just because you felt sorry for them!  Since you have done this, I dearly hope someone will feel sorry for you for I have sold you into slavery!”
    LeeAnn begged her father to change his heart, but he refused.  She promised herself that she would come back to MoonAcre free. LeeAnn lived for seven years as a slave. Then one day as she was serving her master’s dinner.  She heard that some slaves where being returned to MoonAcre.  LeeAnn made sure that she was one of them. On the way to MoonAcre LeeAnn made a friend with a girl named Kassie.
   LeeAnn told her what happened to her, and Kassie agreed to help her make things right.  While the slaves where being presented to the king, he did not recognize LeeAnn, but she knew him. She was filled with anger so she slipped out of the group into a dark corner in the palace.  
   The next day LeeAnn went into town to see her old friend Mellissa.  She soon found out that the king had sentenced her to death after LeeAnn had left.  LeeAnn was filled with rage!  She went out and bought a dagger and ran into the palace, where she found the king on his throne.
   When he saw her, he did not recognize her, and he said, “ What right do you have to walk into my chambers without permission?”
   “ I have the right as your daughter,” replied LeeAnn.
   “ My daughter is dead.  She would never have survived seven years of slavery.  Did you know her?  Did she send you?”
   “ My father, you do not recognize me?  I am your flesh and blood!  I have spent  fifteen years with you and you do not think I am your daughter?”, LeeAnn asked.
   When the king saw it was her, his long lost daughter, he could barely believe it was her!  “Oh, LeeAnn kill me now for I have done a horrible thing, I beg thee to forgive me!”
   LeeAnn’s heart was grieved and she bowed on her knees weeping. “I forgive thee father!”
    It was known throughtout the kingdom that the princess had returned! Everyone rejoiced, there was going to be a royal feast to celebrate the uniting.
    As soon as Mellissa’s father heard this he set out a plan to kill the people who had killed his beloved daughter! On the day of the feast he sneaked into the royal kitchen, and poisoned their cups.
     The royal drink tester, examined the cups but did not know it was poisoned, because it could not be triggered unless their lips touched the cups!
   As father and daughter took a sip, the poisen attacked making them not able to breath! 
   As the king was dying he said to his daughter, “ I love thee, I am truly regretful of my actions!!

LeeAnn had freed Kassy before her death, and she became the next queen.

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