Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jane Rider

Jane Rider
Jane Rider was the daughter of a very wealthy lawyer, she was known as the richest kid in the U.S.A. But Jane did not like being rich. She was always being transferred from school to school and never saw her father, and sense she moved all the time she never had time to make any friends! She wanted things that money could not buy! One evening Jane’s father was finally available to eat dinner with Jane, and she was so excited! As they were eating dinner, Jane’s father said “Jane I have decided to go to a beach house that I have rented out by the ocean for a month and I would like to take you! Would you like to come?”
“Yes!” said Jane, she was so excited to go with her father! Now she would be able to see him more!
The next week Jane and her father headed for the beach! They stayed in a huge beach house right next to the Ocean! Jane’s father went to meeting almost every day, so Jane just surfed, swam in the Ocean, and laid in the sun, but Jane was still very lonely! One day as Jane was walking by the piers she saw an old rowboat covered in sea weed.
  “This would be so fun, to sail in!” thought Jane.
So she decided to take it out on a ride. After a while Jane saw a small island and decided to do a little exploring! When she landed on the Island she could see monkeys swinging in the trees and birds flying from the tree tops! She looked at them in awe, and kept exploring the Island. She found beautiful water-falls and explored caves! After a few hours Jane noticed it was getting dark and grudgingly decided to head back! Half way before she got there, rain started pouring and a violent storm came! She tried to find her way, but it was so dark and the rain was pouring in her eyes, so that she could not see a thing! As she was getting closer to port she heard a huge ripping sound! Water came flooding into her boat! She had struck a rock! The boat then capsized and Jane struck her head on a rock! The world turned black.
An old fisher man came along the next morning and saw Jane lifeless on the shore, with the remains of the ship all around the rocks. He quickly picked her up and took her to her father, who had already sent out a search party to look for her! As soon as he saw her, He quickly called the ambulance! She was barely breathing. And he was almost certain she would die. When she finally got to the hospital the Doctor told Jane’s father that Jane would probably die from a serious concussion! Jane’s father knelt beside his daughter’s hospital bed and wept!
“God, please help my daughter to live, I know that I have not been a good father and that I have not lived for you in my life, but please give me a second chance!”
That night as one of the nurses was headed to tell Jane’s father there was no hope, she heard a soft moan come from Clair’s room. As she ran back to the room, she saw Jane move. She ran to inform the doctor and the other nurses.
“She is going to live,” said the doctor in shock.
“It was a miracle!” said the nurse, “I was so sure that she was going to die! God laid his hand on this child and let her live!
Once Jane recovered her father spent much more time with her and started to take her to church! They stayed at the beach house and lived there for a long time, so Jane finally began to make friends! She then asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart to save her! She had gotten what money could not buy- She had her father’s love, but not only her earthly fathers but her heavenly fathers also!

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