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Sneak peak//Rain

Here is the first chapter to a book I'm writing that's set in the future =D please tell me any thoughts you have about it!


Chapter 1

    My eyes flickered open, and a bright light shone right in my face. “No,” I moaned, “not yet. Just not yet. Just a moment longer…please.” I whimpered rolling over onto my side. I closed my eyes once again, pain coursing through my body.  I heard an evil chuckle and then cold, icy water hit my face. I yelped and jumped up.
“You-you!” I screamed. I grabbed my pillow and threw it across the room hitting Red right where I intended it- her face.
Red snorted a hideous laugh, “You should have seen your face when that water hit you!” she laughed again, “It was hysterical!” She said drawing out her last word as usual.
I stuck out my tongue at her and rolled my eyes.
“Wow,” she said, “that was just real mature of you. Just stick out your tongue. Do you really think that intimidates me?” She said sarcastically.
  “Wow,” I said mocking her tone, “you really aren’t in a very charitable mood this morning are you?”
Red looked up and gave me an evil smile, “I’m just doing you a favor! Better I torture you to get out of bed then if you ran late. Then you’d have to face Night.” She said crossing her arms.
“That might be better then you splashing water on my face,” I said grumbling. I walked over to my closet. I waved my hand over the automatic door. “What would you like to wear today Rain?” The animated voice asked, “well obviously my regular uniform. Do I have anything else?” the rack in the closet quickly turned to her dark blue and gray uniform. “Well you have a different color uniform for each day, and-“
“Oh shut up!” I shouted at the automatic voice and walked away. The door closed behind me.
“Why do I have to have a stupid talking closet anyway? Couldn’t they just give me a wooden door, a hole in the wall, and some racks! That would be so much easier. Everything just has to be technology this, and technology that!” I mumbled under my breath angrily.
Red stared and me and blinked, “whoa…” she said slowly, “someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”
“Well what do you expect?” I said pulling my shirt up and pointing to a nasty bruise on my side. “I got beat up, didn’t get to bed till late, and then I still had to wake up early, and my side hurts like fire.”
Red put her hands up on her hips, “not my fault you were idiot enough to stand up to Thorn like that. I could have told you that would happen.” She said gesturing to my bruise.
I sighed, “Whatever.” I mumbled. “What was I suppost to do? Let him beat up that kid. Besides I gave Thorn a nice shiner. He deserved it. Now his black eye will match the rest of his ugly face.” I said snorting in disgust.
“Thorn got you a lot worse then you got him,” Red said, “Everyone knows to stay away from him. Every one is a target for him to bully. But the ones who stand up to him like you did pay. Thorn doesn’t just forget things like this!” Red said concern lacing her words, “you’re now one of his number one targets.”
“What do I care?” I grumbled but concern began to itch my brain, “Thorn’s just a bully. He doesn’t have any real power over us.”
“Thorn is dangerous. You shouldn’t mess with him.”
“I wasn’t messing with him,” I said folding my arms, “I was protecting a defenseless kid whose face would have been deformed right now if it hadn’t been for me.”
“Oh ya!” Red snorted, “Same the kid’s face and in the process get you’re smashed up.”
“I can deal with it!” I shouted, “And Thorn didn’t mess up my face. Just my side.”
Red walked up to me and put her hand on my shoulder, “really Rain,” She said with concern, “ I don’t know what your deal is lately but you’re going to get yourself killed.”
I rolled my eyes, “Thorn’s a bully, not a murderer.”
Red shrugged, “Night might be.”
I glared, “why would you say that? And what does Night have to do with Thorn?”
Red shrugged, ‘the way he’s been watching you…it’s creepy. When Thorn beat you up he didn’t even try to stop it. He just watched until Dr. Woods came.”
I stood silent for a moment, “well who cares? He never cares for anyone but himself.”
“I’d watch out for Silver too.” Red said hesitatingly.
“Why?” I snorted, “She is so not a threat. She’s like half my size and she never says a word. No problem there.”
“She’s creepy,” Red said shivering, “I don’t trust her.”
“You don’t trust anyone,” I said.
“I trust you.” She whispered.
I looked up at Red and looked her full in the eye, “I trust you too,”
Red smiled, “well that’s nice of you to say.”
I rolled my eyes, “don’t get all emotional on me! The only reason we are so close is because we are partners. We’ve lived are whole lives together right here in this room.” I said throwing my hands around the somewhat spacey room we shared. There were two beds in the middle of the room, two chairs, two closets, a small bathroom, and that was about all there was to it. No pictures. No windows. No entertainment. It was pretty much bare besides for furniture.
“Yeah,” Red said smiling, “It’s a pretty cozy place. It’s like home.”
I turned around and headed towards the door, “more like a prison,” I muttered under my breath hoping she didn’t hear.
I felt someone nudge my elbow. I looked around to see Red staring at me.
“What?” I mouthed to her.
“Look,” she mouthed back her eyes darting to the front corner of the room. I followed her eyes. A tall, thick silhouette took up the whole corner of the classroom. Dark eyes stared back at her. It was Night.
I quickly looked down at my desk. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Why is he looking at me?
I looked back up; his dark eyes once again locked with mine. This time I didn’t look down. He clenched his jaw tight and stared even harder. He scared the tar out of me but I wouldn’t back down. I was going to win this. After a few more moments he dropped his gaze and walked to the other corner of the room out of my eyesight. This made me feel even more uncomfortable.
“Miss Rain? Rain? Are you listening to me?” My mind snapped back to attention. Mr. Flight stood over me his bleak eyes full of disapproval. He shoved his wired glasses up his thin nose.
“Uh, yes.”
“It seems to me as if you were daydreaming in class.” He said his dry voice making me cringe. Kids snickered from behind me. “Now could you please answer my question?”
“Uh…” I stammered, “Could you please repeat your question?” more kids giggled.
Mr. Flight grinned wickedly at me, “Silver?” He called out to a girl in the back, “could you please inform Rain the question I just asked?”
I looked back at Silver. Her dark hair was pulled back into a loose braid; her eyes the striking color of silver met mine. She hesitated. “Silver?” Mr. Flight prodded on.
“You asked who the overseer of Xamana was in 2021,” Silver said softly. She quickly ducked her head.
Mr. Flight was now looking back at me, “Your answer?” He questioned.
I rolled my eyes, “The overseer of Xamana in 2021 was Weston Valetta who was also the founder of Xamana. He founded the city on January 1st, 2021.” I said matter of factly. Mr. Flight frowned, “very good,” He said even though his expression suggested otherwise, “it seems to me that you have been studying your history.”
“Yes I have actually,” I stated.
He nodded and then turned back towards the front of the class continuing his lecture.
“I have been studying my history. And there isn’t much of it. There is nothing in the public records that dates before 2020. Wouldn’t really call that history. More like a mystery.” I thought to myself


  1. ur an awesome writer, britt!!!! this is sooo good!! i need more! oh my gosh, i love the very last paragraph.... neat! :D

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    1. I'll try to start writing this story again sometime soon! I've just been so busy lately =( Glad you liked it =)

  3. Wow, that was amazing. I love the beginning. I always find it hard to begin a story, but this is astonishing! :-)

    God Bless, Amy

  4. That's so good! You were tagged
    It's a writing tag!

  5. Why did that come out so weird?

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