Sunday, August 25, 2013

An idea

If you follow my main blog "Daughter of the King" you know that I have been thinking about starting a day-by-day devotional with my friend! And while I'm still seriously thinking about that idea I've just thought of something else. What if I wrote a christian growth book? Do you know what I'm talking about? Like those ones you see at a Christian book store. I'm reading one right now called " 7 steps to knowing, finding, and experiencing the will of God in your life" or something like that...but anyway I was thinking about it and I made a cover for you all to look at! Tell me what you think!


 so like that would be the general theme of the book,etc.


  1. Sounds interesting! I think I would like to read it once it's finished. Maybe you could publish it!
    Heidi Anne<3

  2. Awesome idea! I would pick it up in an instant! ;) work you hardest on it (if you decide to write it) and publish! there will be buyers for sure, Britt! :D


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