Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Clair Bridge Character Quiz

Guess what guys!?! Yep, you got it right, I'm having another quiz! You all seem to really like them so... Let's begin!


Q.1 What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

A. You love to read, write, and play the piano.

B. You love to bake, cook, and you also love playing with animals.

C. You love photography, volley-ball, and you love to be with your loved ones.

D. You love to hang out with friends, watch your favorite T.V. shows, and play Video Games.


Q.2 What do you think about school?

A. You really don't care about it. You don't like or dislike school.

B. You HATE school! It's like the worst thing to you.

C. You like school just because you get to see your friends, but you would prefer to home-school.

D. You LOVE school! It's like the best thing on earth.


Q.3 What would you say is your greatest quality?

A. Your talents; playing the piano, writing,...

B. Your amazing sense of humor, and outgoing personality.

C.  Your willingness to help others.

D. Your good looks.


Q.4 What would you do if you were cornered by a bully at school?

A. Try to ignore him and get away peacefully.

B. Challenge him, and show him who's boss! You aren't going to let no bully push you around!

C. Back down, and let him bully you.

D. Plot out an unfair revenge, and get him into major trouble.


Q.5 What is your biggest pet peeve?

A. When people are uncaring and selfish.

B. When people act like a total jerk, trying to impress others.

C. You really don't notice Small things about people because you are always trying to look for the good things in them.

D. When people are demanding and bossy.


Q.6 What is your favorite animal?

A. Cats.

B. Horses.

C. Dogs.

D. You don't really like animals, because you are allergic to them.


Q.7 What do you struggle with the most spiritually?

A. Forgiveness

B. Patience

C. Faith

D. Obedience

And now for the results... 

If you answered mostly A's you are: Clair Bridge

If you answered mostly B's you are: Nichole Winters ( This is who I am =)

If you answered mostly C's you are: Victoria Stanley

If you answered mostly D's your are: Dianna Collins

I hope you enjoyed this Quiz! Please comment and tell me who you are! 
To get to know more about these characters read my book: CLAIR BRIDGE


  1. Layla speaking. I am Claire too. Great quiz. Look firward to seeing more.

  2. I'm.. La La, Claire of course :D

    1. LOL, it seems like all of you got her!

  3. I'm Claire! Almost ALL of the answers were her!

  4. What is it if you have 2 A's, 2 D's, and 2 B's? I was like Wo how can I choose an answer? Super quiz!

  5. I'm Clair Bridge! Love the quiz! do we put our answer picture on our blog?????

    ~Abrille lindsay~

  6. woah looks like im way Victoria!!


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