Monday, December 3, 2012

Character Quiz

Here is a character quiz I made off of the girls from my stories! Enjoy!

Q.1 What kind of person do you most dislike?
a) People who are selfish
b) People who are bossy
c) People who are bullies
d) People who are prideful

Q.2 What is your favorite story of mine?
a) Ancestors of the forest
b)  Jane Rider
c) MoonAcre Remorse
d) Iceberg!

Q.3 what would you do if you were on the third floor of a hotel and it was on fire?
a) run as fast as you can to get to the stairway!
b) scream for help and stay ware you are.
c) jump out the window into the hotels pool below!
d) stay calm and find your parents to make sure they are safe.

Q.4 What is your greatest fear?

a) heights
b) deep water
c) wild animals
d) darkness

Q.5 What is your favorite kind of food?

a) a nice big juicy steak
b) a hamburger and french fries
c) some delicious three course meal
d) some flavorful soup

Q.6 What is your favorite kind of shoes?

a) gym shoes! You are constantly moving!
b) some fancy heels of course!
c) some comfortable flip-flops!
d) boots!

Q.7 What is your dream vacation?

a) a awesome cottage in the woods
b) a beach house right on the ocean
c) A ski resort
d) a cruise to the Caribbean

And now for the results....

              If you answered mostly A's you are: Rhoda

            If you answered mostly B's you are: Jane Rider

     If you answered mostly C's you are:  LeeAnn ( this is who I am:)

      If you answered mostly D's you are: Melissa Scott


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